Spectro Frequency Analyzer

Spectro Frequency Analyzer 2.0

This program provides you to perform real-time FFT measurements using your PC
2.0 (See all)

This program provides you with the ability to perform real-time FFT measurements using your PC or laptop sound card. The program computes the averaged auto power spectrum of the time signal recorded by a microphone, connected to the sound card. RMS or peak hold analysis can be performed with linear or exponential averaging, applying the most popular window functions. Time History and Frequency Spectrum results are presented in graphical format with cursor tools for precision amplitude analysis. Results can be saved in a text file and imported into a spreadsheet program for additional analysis and presentation. The Sampling Rate is 44.1 kHz and the program is 16 Bit supported. Spectro Frequency Analyzer is compatible with Windows 2000/Windows XP.

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